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Python Microservices: Effective Canonical Logging across Services

15 Mar 2020: Learn how to design, implement, test and configure canonical logging across microservices using Python and Tornado web framework. Read More »

Python Microservices: Build and Test REST endpoints with Tornado

11 Mar 2020: Learn to implement Tornado HTTP endpoints as a layer on business logic. Tune it to assist debugging, and write unit and integration tests. Read More »

Scalable Efficient Big Data Pipeline Architecture

1 Mar 2020: Scalable and efficient data pipelines are as important for the success of analytics, data science, and machine learning as reliable supply lines are for winn... Read More »

Python Microservices: Choices, Key Concepts and Project Setup

24 Feb 2020: Tornado, with AsyncIO APIs, is an efficient framework for building IO-bound Python microservices. Learn key concepts. Set up lint, test, code coverage. Read More »

Speech Recognition with Python: Comparing 9 most prominent alternatives

14 Feb 2020: Which Speech Recognition suits your transcriber: Google Speech-to-Text, Amazon Transcribe, Microsoft Azure Speech, Watson, Nuance, CMU Sphinx, Kaldi, DeepSpe... Read More »

An Engineer's trek into Machine Learning

30 Jan 2020: A guide for software engineers wanting to learn data science, machine learning, and deep learning, with intro to the basics and list of online resources. Read More »

How to build Python transcriber using Mozilla DeepSpeech

15 Jan 2020: Build audio transcriber with speech-to-text Speech Recognition python API of DeepSpeech and PyAudio for voice application in less than 70 lines of code. Read More »